Legal problems waiting to be resolved may be encountered from all dimensions with a variety of aspects, in a world where change occurs and permeates all fields, at a speed which has never been seen before throughout history.  As US Law Firm, our main goal is to, as a priority, prevent our clients’ problems before they arise and produce innovative legal solutions to our clients’ primary concerns and evolving needs for legal services.


It is a priority for US to understand our clients’ primary concerns and legal needs, due to our strong relationship with them and working always in collaborative approach. As US Law Firm, with our unique team consisting of lawyers with an expertise in a wide range of fields and our close relationships with professional consultants, we have a deep knowledge of the fields that our clients operate and this enables us to identify the legal problems before they arise.

We are experienced in a wide variety of fields, especially in industries where R&D and innovation is essential such as chemistry, pharmaceuticals, fast moving consumer goods, health and medical device, energy, automative, construction, telecommunication and media. We offer a comprehensive legal service including best legal solutions for our clients’ business strategies considering technical, commercial and scientific aspects, with our team not only having experience and knowledge in legal matters but also in different fields with diverse backgrounds.


Besides providing legal services devotedly to its clients, US Law Firm is also a law firm that follows innovations, contributes to the written and visual media which positively has an impact on the clients’ reputation, participates in civil society initiatives/ social responsibility projects and non- governmental organizations and has a civil society awareness.