Although companies with legal personality status are private legal persons, today they have a strong organization with the experience and human resources they have accumulated, and it is of the opinion that they are different from natural persons due to the opportunities they have. Therefore, within the scope of the Labor Law, which regulates the relations between natural persons working in companies and companies with legal personality, it was necessary to develop and apply different principles from private law, which is based on disputes between equals. In addition, Social Security Law regulations have been introduced for issues such as health insurance and retirement rights of employees. On the other hand, in the globalizing world, international private law principles and the labor law rules of the relevant countries have gained importance due to the work of citizens of other countries.


As US Law, our primary goal is to ensure that employment contracts are drawn up according to the characteristics of the sector and the employee, and if the employee is a foreign national, taking into account the labor law principles of that country, not through standard texts, with the awareness of the necessity to take precautions before legal problems arise.